Welcome to my Collection


Hey there. My name is Nathan and I am so excited to finally welcome you to ‘Collections From Him – A visual portfolio and journal of moments in my life.

For the last 3 years I have actively been using my Instagram as a platform for connecting with my followers, meeting new friends and also creating a client-base for my photography work. I have also been creating content for businesses and brands, as well as covering events by my social media platforms. I absolutely love using Instagram stories and my feed, but I always felt like there was a platform missing. I often had talks with fellow bloggers about their experiences with creating a website – And with that sprouted this idea. The name ‘Collections from Him’ is born from the idea of having a journal-like portfolio where I can show my work and some of the exciting collaborations I have been working on.

As for me, well there isn’t too much to know. This is me by the way.

I’m a full-blown coffee addict, flat white with a sugar or a filtered/cold brew. Love drinking red wine on a cold winters evening and a bottle of white on a summers afternoon. I also love exploring on the weekend, finding waterfalls and awesome little cafes in unknown towns.

Collections from Him will be more of a visual diary, a place to come and see a story through images. This section of the site will be updated with fresh content and exciting collaborations that I already have planned.

Welcome to my collection x