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Hi there - And welcome to Collections from Him. By now, you are probably wondering what this is all about... Who is this 'Collections' fellow... Well this is me. I am a 20-something year old photographer, content creator, brand influencer and all round creative spirit from Canberra, Australia. Collections is a journey, from a blank canvas idea to this fully developed platform where I am able to share my stories and projects with you all. Through collections, I hope to show my growth and continue on this magical journey of creating content together.

As for little old me.. Well there isn't too much to know. I am a passionate coffee drinker, lover of filtered coffee's and iced latte's. I love capturing and sharing special moments, and always find time to scroll through my Instagram feed to gain inspiration for my next project. I am Canberran born and bred, and take my strive and passion for this gorgeous city to heart. I am a proud and loud member of the LGTBQI community... and if that's a problem, I suggest you leave this page now! So, you now know about me... Tell me about yourself and get in contact with me below. 


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My working life as a photographer has varied, but my love for weddings and capturing special moments continues to show in my love for photographing a couples special day. There is a certain spark in a lovers eye, an emotion in the way their families cry that spawns my love for wedding photography. All my wedding photography packages and prices are negotiable. I offer full-day shoots, engagement shoots, elopements and would adore the opportunity to share in any LGTBIQ celebrations.


Shooting gorgeous portraits of gorgeous people (all of you) has always been a favourite element to my photography caseload. I love being able to capture emotions and feelings of a person through my lens. Are you a modelling agency who needs a photographer? Or someone who wants head shots for your business or personal use? I also offer within Portrait Photography, the opportunity to shoot lifestyle and fashion for businesses, brands and bloggers. If any of this sounds like what you're after, I would love to create some magic with you!


Creating content for cafe's and restaurants was one of the first reasons as to why I got into photography professionally. I often use to track down the latest and greatest cafe that opened in town, and would round up my friends and take my camera and shoot an entire spread. From that, I have now been lucky enough to take photos for Lava Coffee in Canberra, Lazy Su, Salotto Bar and so many more. Are you interested in getting photos of your food to amplify your social media and website? I also offer interior photography as another service of mine and ensure the pictures I take will represent your space entirely.



Need help in developing your brand and social media awareness? I offer services and help from managing various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, to developing content calendars to maximise audience growth. I have over 10 years experience in the social media field and would love to share my expertise with you.


I have been lucky enough for the last two years to use my Instagram platform and audience as a 'Influencing' tool to help brands and businesses grow. I have collaborated previously with GoodDayPR in various fashion and lifestyle campaigns. I have helped CotyPRAustralia and their clientele like Vera Wang and Calvin Klein in shooting their men's fragrances. I have also worked with Vamp Amplifiers in various social media campaigns for their clients, like OPSM and UniqloAU. I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with any up and coming brand and help influence their growth through my services

I continue to use Nathan for a multitude of business reasons. From social media content to fashion and lifestyle campaigns, he does it all. Not only is he speedy, his eye for details is second to none and his work is always of the highest standard. Plus, we have so much fun together! Would happily recommend Nathan to anyone and everyone!
— Rosalie Lannelli, @GoodDayPR

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Interested in getting some creative photos taken? Also a lover of caffeine and want to go for a coffee? Or if you just want to talk creativity over a glass (bottle) of wine, please don't hesitate to get in touch below.